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The Nine Network won the overnight OzTam ratings.


ABC – 13.7% (%)
Seven – 30.2% (%)
Nine – 31.7% (%)
Ten – 20.2% (%)
SBS – 4.1% (%)


[b]ABC1 – 8.6% (%)[/b]
ABC2 – 1.8% (%)
ABC3 – 0.7% (%)
ABC News 24 – 2.8% (%)
[b]Seven – 23.6% (%)[/b]
7TWO – 3.9% (%)
7mate – 2.7% (%)
[b]Nine – 26.8% (%)[/b]
GO! – 3.0% (%)
GEM – 1.9% (%)
[b]Ten – 16.8% (%)[/b]
One – 0.3% (%)
Eleven – 3.2% (%)
[b]SBS One – 3.3% (%)[/b]
SBS Two – 0.8% (%)



The Seven Network was the winner in the overnight OzTam ratings.


ABC – 13.6%
Seven – 32.2%
Nine – 23.2%
Ten – 25%
SBS – 6.1%


ABC1 – 9.9%
ABC2 – 1.6%
ABC3 – 1%
ABC News 24 – 1.1%
Seven – 23.3%
7TWO – 5.1%
7mate – 3.8%
Nine – 17.1%
GO! – 2.4%
GEM – 3.7%
Ten – 20.8%
One – 0.6%
Eleven – 3.6%
SBS One – 4.6%
SBS Two – 1.5%


Ray Hadley has quit SKY News to join the Nine Network's news, current affairs and sports lineup.

2GB Morning host Ray Hadley has quit his subscription television programme Hadley! after only four episodes to join the Nine Network as a news, sports and current affairs contributor.

It’s believed the 2012 London Olympics, of which Nine has the rights, was a big factor in Hadley’s decision, as was SKY News’ operations, which are best described as “shoe-string.”

The Australian’s media blog Diary today claims that plenty of SKY News staff did not want to work with Hadley, because they don’t like him or his opinions, and because they don’t rate him as a TV talent.

The first episode of the show featured a girl in a bikini in boxing gloves. Serious staff at Sky thought it was tacky, and would hurt their brand.

Canberra bureau reporter Ashleigh Gillon point-blank refused to play the role of the “glamorous blonde” from Canberra who popped up on Hadley! with political gossip and, because she’s a serious reporter, was offended to be asked, Caroline Overington claims.


The Seven Network was the winner in the overnight OzTam ratings.


ABC – 12.9% (%)
Seven – 34.3% (%)
Nine – 27.5% (%)
Ten – 19.8% (%)
SBS – 5.5% (%)


ABC1 – 10.1% (%)
ABC2 – 1.5% (%)
ABC3 – 0.6% (%)
ABC News 24 – 0.7% (%)
Seven – 26.2% (%)
7TWO – 5% (%)
7mate – 3.1% (%)
Nine – 21.9% (%)
GO! – 3.1% (%)
GEM – 2.5% (%)
Ten – 15.2% (%)
One – 0.6% (%)
Eleven – 4% (%)
SBS One – 4.7% (%)
SBS Two – 0.8% (%)


Popular MasterChef Justine Schofield will host a new programme for home cooks on the Ten Network and LifeStyle Channel.

Too many cooks might spoil the broth but it’s never enough for television land it appears.

Arguably the most popular contestant on the Ten Network’s juggernaut MasterChef Australia, Justine Schofield, is to host her own programme.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that both Ten and LifeStyle Channel will screen the as-yet-unnamed programme.

Poh Ling Yeow’s Poh’s Kitchen on ABC1 and Julie Goodwin’s Home Cooked! on Nine continue the MasterChef brand across screens in Australia, with series three due to commence in April.

Schofield will attempt to convert couch potatoes into cooks with confidence.

The Nine Network's summer of cricket has performed strongly for the network as the Australian Open Tennis on Seven sank.

The Nine Network’s summer of cricket has done the business, adding viewers across the board whilst the Australian Open tennis on the Seven Network sunk.

Figures released by Nine show the tennis tanked 20 per cent in the 18-49 demographic as well as the 16-39 demographic. It was down 19 per cent with 25-54s from 2010 levels.

The three forms of cricket all surged.

The One Day Internationals grew 47 per cent in 25-54s, 46 per cent with the 18-49s and 42 per cent with the 16-39 demographic.

The Ashes Test series against England rose 28 per cent for the year with the 25-54s, 26 per cent with the 18-49s and 24 per cent with the 16-39 demo.

The newest form of the game, and usually the highest rating for the network, Twenty/20, gained 8 per cent in the 25-54s, 9 per cent in the 18-49s and 4 per cent in the 16-39s.

The Nine Network has acquired the BBC1 smash hit Come Fly With Me.

The Nine Network has acquired the rights to smash hit British comedy Come Fly With Me.

The programme, which has just been commissioned for a second season in the United Kingdom for BBC1, focuses on a fictitious regional airport in England and its low-cost airline anchor, FlyLo Air.

David Walliams and Matt Lucas, stars of Little Britain, play all of the main characters on the show in costume or in drag – everything from hapless airline manager Moses to the vicious FlyLo counter girls to the worst paparazzi on earth, who hilariously missed shooting Geri Halliwell as they performed a short selection of the Spice Girls catalogue. And like Little Britain, both the performances and the writing are entertaining. It’s hard to imagine how long those guys spent in makeup to make the show, much less writing their material.